The Animal Hat Club

The Animal Hat Club is the creation of artist Allyn Conway.  His dream and mission is to educate our youth about the importance of social awareness and to support worthwhile causes that focus on making this world a better place to live. 

The Animal Hat Club wants to generate meaningful discussions among our youth, teachers and parents on the Animal Hat Club values and mission..

We understand there are organizations who are trying to address these serious problems.  They can’t do it alone.   We need to start by educating our youth at an early age.  We must get involved by teaching our children and other family members social values based on respect for self and others.  This message and teaching needs to start in our kindergarten and elementary schools.  And it's our duty to be socially responsible by reporting instances of people or animals being abused.

Please buy and use our products to show you care.  We offer t-shirts, prints and note cards of each member of the Animal Hat Club.  Click the link to purchase the items found on each member's page.  For each Animal Hat Club product sale , 10% of profits will be deposited in a special fund to provide grants to organizations or projects aligned with our stated mission.

Allyn Conway, our founder, at Louise Troy Elementary School getting ready to give out books to Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade students to help prevent "Summer Slide"

To educate our youth about social responsibility, with the result being peace and harmony for people and animals through elimination of violence, bullying and abuse.

Our Mission......